Before a few years ago, there hasn't been much of a place for Mike Moser types in the NBA. You know, those tweener types who don't quite have a frontcourt position.

But that's changed of late, and you can see the impact those guys have, even in the playoffs.

Check Atlanta, where Mike Scott came off the bench and lit Indiana up over seven games in the first round that ended on Saturday. He's 6-foot-8, athletic and most importantly can shoot it from the perimeter.

That's Mike Moser, or at least what Mike Moser wants to be at the NBA level. The former Oregon forward worked out for the Utah Jazz on Wednesday morning, showcasing his shooting and versatility. He's not big enough to be a power forward, not quite nimble enough or ball savvy enough to play small forward.

But he can shoot it, and he can handle it well enough. He's mature - having played four seasons of college ball - and he's one of those guys who could come out of nowhere and make a roster.

"I just tried to be whatever, and play wherever on the floor," Moser said. "I think that I can play both positions and I think that I can definitely contribute at the next level."

Moser began his career at UNLV, eventually establishing himself as one of the better combination forwards in the country. He transferred to Oregon and played his last season with the Ducks.

In the process, Moser began expanding his range, hitting shots from beyond the arc and rebounding the ball like he's always done. He's projected as a late second round pick at best. But he's attempting to work his way up draft boards by shining in workouts.