Karl Malone is many things: an outdoorsman, an entrepreneur, a wrestler, a mailman and, oh yeah, a Utah Jazz legend and two-time NBA MVP.

Now, Malone can add a new title to his resumé: hilarious commercial actor.

Malone stars in two recent commercials, first in an Adidas ad poking fun at himself alongside former Weber State star and current Portland Trailblazer Damian Lillard, former NFL running backs Barry Sanders and LaDainian Tomlinson, and he of Michigan "Fab Five" fame, Chris Webber.

Lillard comments that "the last thing he'd want to do is be one of those guys that never won a ring" with Tomlinson and Sanders taking immediate offense. He corrects himself, stating "he meant one of those basketball players that never won a ring," earning umbrage and a sideways glare from Webber. Finally, he throws out "he meant one of those legends that lost in the Finals over and over."

Malone then comes inside from the patio with a plate of burgers, sulking off into the kitchen as Sanders calls after him, "Karl, Karl!"

Funny now, but a raw nerve for some Jazz fans to this day after a certain 1998 jumpshot.

For the second commercial, Malone joins a litany of NBA legends in a Bud Light "up for whatever" ad. Set in New Orleans during the NBA All-Star Game, Malone arrives dressed in a mailman outfit, proclaiming "special delivery" as he gives two NBA fans tickets and passes to multiple All-Star events.

Both commercials show Malone has some acting and comedy chops, and that he's come a long way from producing workout infomercials in the late '90s.

Brennan Smith


Twitter: @BrennanJSmith