Former Brigham Young University President Cecil Samuelson is going from running a college of higher learning to overseeing what Mormons view as a place of highest learning: an LDS temple.

The LDS Church News announced this past weekend that the 72-year-old Samuelson and his wife, Sharon, will serve as president and matron of the Salt Lake Temple.

Samuelson, an emeritus general authority in the Utah-based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, ran BYU, the faith's flagship university, for 11 years before being replaced in May by Kevin J. Worthen, the school's former law school dean and advancement vice president.

A retired physician who previously worked as dean of the University of Utah's medical school, Samuelson will take the reins of Mormonism's landmark temple later this year, according to the article.

Latter-day Saints revere temples as houses of God, holy sanctuaries where they learn about mankind's potential and relationship with deity, while taking part in their religion's highest sacraments, including eternal marriage.