A suspected car thief dropped off a 1-year-old boy at Intermountain Medical Center in Murray on Saturday night, minutes after apparently stealing a sedan with the toddler inside.

The car with the boy in the backseat was taken from the area of 800 South and 900 West at 8:51 p.m., Salt Lake City police said.

About 20 minutes later, the male suspect turned up in the hospital’s lobby and headed for the labor and delivery unit, where he told staff he had found the child abandoned at a nearby convenience store, hospital spokesman Jess Gomez said.

The nursing staff took the child and began asking the man, who appeared to be sweaty and nervous, some questions, Gomez said. That’s when the man said he needed to return to his car to fetch a bag for the child.

The man never came back, apparently fleeing in the gray 2005 Nissan Altima, which police continued to search for Saturday night. Staffers notified law enforcement.

The boy, who was unharmed, was reunited with his mother later in the evening, Gomez said.

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“They are doing great,” he said. “They reunited and hugged, and we’re able to put a close to this.”

Police are asking for the public’s help in finding the car and suspect. The car had a cracked windshield, a sticker in the rear window and child visors in two rear windows. A University of Utah decal was on the gas cap.

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Date Victim Initials Summary of allegation Discipline Charges?
December 2006 St. Mark's Hospital AJ Lim allegedly touched the patient's genitals inappropriately and laid on top of her with his pants down. She told her physician. Verbal warning No
January 2007 Pioneer Valley Hospital (now Jordan Valley Medical Center, West Valley Campus) MH Patient reported to another nurse that Lim inappropriately touched her genitals and breasts while applying lotion. Disciplined by nurse manager No
January 2007 Not disclosed DH Lim allegedly massaged the patient, told her she was "beautiful" and made her uncomfortable by getting close to her mouth. No
April 2008 St. Mark's Hospital AT Patient complained to another nurse that Lim inappropriately touched her gentials."Notified" of complaint No
December 2008 Not disclosed SA Lim allegedly touched the patient's breasts inappropriately while she stayed at a Utah rehabilitation center. No
January 2009 St. Mark's Hospital LD Lim allegedly touched the patient's genitals inappropriately. She complained to hospital staff weeks after her stay. Given a "final warning" Charges filed August 2016
February 2011 Not disclosed GB Patient complained to hospital staff that Lim inappropriately touched and kissed her body.No
June 2011 St. Mark's Hospital KP A woman told police Lim sexually assaulted her at her home after her hospital release. Lim told investigators the sex was consensual. No
February 2014 Intermountain Medical Center, Murray CC Patient complained to a nursing supervisor that Lim inappropriately touched her genitals. Charges filed August 2016
November 2015 Intermountain Medical Center, Murray DB Lim allegedly touched the patient's genitals inappropriately, kissed her mouth and touched her breasts. Charges filed August 2016
December 2015 Intermountain Medical Center, Murray AL Patient alleges Lim touched her breasts inappropriately, and gave her champagne while she was on medication. Terminated Feb. 2, 2016 Charges filed August 2016
January 2016 Intermountain Medical Center Murray MG Lim allegedly touched a patient's breasts inappropriately. Terminated Feb. 2, 2016 No