When Donald Trump ran for the office of president, his mantra was: “We’ll make America great again,” but true to the GOP style he never stated how it is to be done. Besides, America is already great.
He “makes America great again” by vilifying and groping women who are the mothers, sisters, wives and daughters of those who have made America great.
He wants to “make America great again” by refusing to allow immigrants to enter our country, forgetting that immigrants helped to make this nation great. By the way, Trump or his ancestors do not look like natives.
Trump “makes America great again” by removing what poor health care “regular” Americans have without having a clue how to replace ACA with what he promised — “a better and cheaper” health care.
He will “make America great again” by offending our European allies and belittling the NATO forces while kissing up to the Russians.
While “making America great again” he has succeeded in splitting the American people into opposing groups and alienated America from the rest of the world.
Let us hope that something will be done by our gutless leadership in Washington before America becomes a third world country through Trump’s “making America great again,” while China becomes this world’s economic power and Russia becomes this world’s military power.
Frans J. Kohlschein