The Koch brothers have an unmatched reputation for chicanery in their business dealings. A jaw-dropping number of lawsuits provides ample proof. They are leaders of the Billionaire Mafia hell-bent on buying and controlling American government.
Their strategy is simple. They make large donations to a state’s worthy causes as cover for promoting Tea Party candidates and buying off legislators. The Utah Legislature is in their pocket and their control of the American Legislative Exchange Council gives them enormous power. Vouchers, permissive gun laws, private prisons, halting oil and banking regulation and dismissing global warming are clearly their goals, and manipulation to finally make the United States into an Ayn Rand oligarchy.
Many educational institutions have been taken in, including Utah State University, but there is no respectable excuse for the University of Utah taking donations from a source that ultimately demands control. Read “Dark Money” by Jane Mayer. The Billionaire Mafia doesn’t give a damn about Utah. It is only a small part of their massive conspiracy to control the entire nation in order to benefit the top 1 percent.
They are more dangerous than Russia’s Putin because they have already succeeded in compromising a once dynamic democracy.
Norma Molen
Salt Lake City